Acts Honoring Brendan

Please leave a comment stating the act of kindness performed in Brendan’s honor.  Feel free to post a memory or picture of Brendan…thank you!


120 thoughts on “Acts Honoring Brendan

  1. A co-worker gave me a mc donalds gift card at the begining of the week to celebrate each others awesomeness. 🙂 through a mcgriddle. On my way to work this morning I was at a stop light and there was a homeless man asking for change. I noticed there was a Mc Donalds behind him. I held up traffic and reached through my passenger window to give him my Mc Griddle on a card. He thanked me and sent blessings my way. Something I couldnt get from a Mcgriddle. 🙂

  2. I bought two struggling gentlemen in D.C. dinner at Fuddruckers. Turns out the one guy goes to the food shelter at my old high school. We plan to keep in touch. I cover the Skins for and donated our extra ticket and all beers to the first vet or active duty military that tweeted back first. An active duty air force and huge Skins fan is driving down from Delaware. I hope to live the rest of my life with the Brendan Looney pay it forward mantra. His picture is now my cell phone background to remind me no matter how bad a problem I have at the current time is, 99% chance its trivial and to move on.

  3. I met a foreign visitor in a restaurant last night. Today I will be giving her a ride to her next destination a few hours from here so she won’t have to find a ride with a stranger on craigslist.

    Thank you to Brendan and his friends and family.

  4. Our baby, named in honor of our dear friend Brendan, turns 2 years old on July 28th, 2013. Brendan loved to play with our older three boys, baby Brendan was born shortly after Brendan’s life was lost. We think him daily, and alll of his family are in our prayers. Frank and Alma Kostenko

  5. Today my 2 sons and their 2 buddies (ages 9 & 11) did random acts of kindnesses to honor Brendan. They bought a meal for the guy in line behind them at a fast food restr., delivered cold bottles of water to construction workers and gave ice teas to two older ladies that had to walk in the heat to buy groceries at a store miles from their house. The four boys will be doing several rak’s throughout the summer.

  6. Bought four gift cards, and taped them to Brendan’s story & his wife’s awesome idea about paying forward with acts of kindness and posted them outside four different grocery stores!

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