A note from Paul Habenicht, Navy Lacrosse teammate

– “I knew Brendan best while we played lacrosse together at USNA.  Of his numerous memorable qualities, his ability to bring people together with his intensity and spirit differentiated him from many others.  I believe the same spirit of bringing people together came through very clearly in Amy’s request for us to honor Brendan through acts of kindness.  At our recent reunion in Annapolis, I was struck by the number of conversations I had about Amy’s request.  It was a theme that transcended branches of service, teams, circles of friends and class years throughout the weekend.  While I had not seen some of my teammates in several years, the conversations eventually turned to Amy’s words and each of our own efforts to fulfill on her request.  After two years, we found ourselves in a familiar situation – Brendan’s attitude bringing people together and driving them to perform at their best.  It is my small hope Amy’s simple request continues to bring more people together in Brendan’s honor, and each of those people appreciates the camaraderie that comes from joining others in  a like purpose.”



Brendan graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2004 and began his military career among the members of the Navy intelligence community.  He requested a transfer to the Navy SEALs, which was approved in late 2006.  He then began BUD/S School in March, 2007, and graduated from SEAL Qualification Training as the “Honorman” for Class 265 on June 22, 2008.  Three weeks later, on July 12, Brendan married his wife, Amy.  Within 48 hours of the conclusion of the ceremony, he was deployed to Iraq. LT Looney, 29, was one of nine U.S. service members to lose his life in September of 2010 in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.