Every year my family chooses a community project to support in order to give back as well as teach our children the importance of goodwill.  This year we have chosen to honor a fallen hero.  I am asking you and your friends & family to assist us in remembering Brendan Looney.

My husband and I both attended the Naval Academy in Annapolis and Brian is a nine year Navy pilot veteran.  Projects that support the brave men and women of our military and their families has always been something that we keep close to our hearts.  These service members should be praised for their bravery and the sacrifices they make for our country.  Sadly, it seems our military members are unappreciated and too often forgotten by most Americans.

This year we have chosen to honor the request of Amy Looney to perform ten acts of kindness by the end of 2012.  We want to go step further with this blog, forwarding Amy’s request to as many people as possible and posting them on this site.  It is our hope that Brendan’s family will be able to visit this blog and view all the good deeds that were motivated by who Brendan was and the way he lived his life.

Please join us in honoring fallen Navy SEAL Brendan Looney and post your acts of kindness, name & city (if you wish) and a photo or video to this blog under the “Acts Honoring Brendan” tab.  Please feel free post a memory or picture of Brendan that you would like to share.  Thank you!

*A special thank you to Heather Frigaard and Elizabeth Thacker for the time and effort they devoted to the production of this project*